Representing businesses operating in the commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry
Keeping members up to date with Occupational Health & Safety requirements
Creating a diverse network of contacts between contractors, government and regulatory bodies

What is the Association of Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors?

The Association of Commercial Air Conditioning Contractors (ACACC) is an employer association representing and promoting the air conditioning and mechanical services industry along with the well being of its members.

Training & Education

To remain competitive in an increasingly globalised market, air conditioning and mechanical services contractors need to keep up their investment in skills development. Expenditure in skills development is an investment in the business, and not just a cost item.

Industry Networking

Helping our members maintain a large and diverse network of contacts in government and regulatory bodies is a central focus of ACACC. These contacts are of paramount importance to you and your business, helping you identify opportunities.

Occupational Health & Safety

With the ever increasing demands of regulations and requirements in Occupational Health and Safety, ACACC commits to informing members with all developments signalled by WorkSafe and other regulatory authorities.

Workplace Relations

In the construction industry, workplace relations issues have the potential to impede or enhance the likely success of a project. Industrial laws and the practices of Fair Work Australia are complex. Importantly, these laws place many obligations on employers.

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